OWN IT 2018 Discussion Session Topics

These discussion sessions will be smaller, subject oriented conversations in which participants will be able to listen, ask questions, and meet our speakers in person!

Working Lunch Discussion (12:20pm-1:05pm)

Creating New Spaces for Women

Join leaders of the movement to create new spaces for queer, trans, and gender-nonconforming women in a conversation about identity, gender, and sexuality.

SPEAKERS: Sandy Hong (Director and Co-Founder, New Women Space), Tiffany Thompson (Associate Director, University of Pennsylvania LGBT Center) 

Women In Health Care

Whether leading, conducting research, or working in the field to improve lives, these women are transforming the field of health care. Learn what it takes to work in the broad and multifaceted health care industry.

SPEAKERS: Joan Hendricks (Dean, University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School), Susan Taylor (Dermatologist, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania), Hildegard Toth (Radiologist, NYU), Antonia Villarreul (Dean, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing),

Women in Media

These women are breaking barriers in the worlds of television, reporting, and  entertainment. Come hear about their experiences and learn what it takes to pursue a career in media.

SPEAKERS: Lisa Taback (Oscars Awards Consultant), Nefertiti Jáquez (Journalist & Crime and Investigative Reporter, ABC News) 

Women in law

Hear from women who are practicing law, teaching law, and directing legal organizations. Each of these women uses her law experiences to improve the lives of others -- and has had tremendous success doing so.

Rasheedah Phillips (Public Interest Attorney, Community Legal Services), Anita Allen (Vice Provost of Faculty & Professor of Law and Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania), Amy Barasch (Executive Director, HerJustice) 

Inspiring young leaders

This discussion is built to inspire younger students, including High School students, allowing them the opportunity to discuss the unique challenges they face and understand the ways that young people can truly make a lasting impact. 

SPEAKERS: Katlyn Grasso (Founder &CEO, GenHERation)

Women in finance: Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Meet with professionals from Merrill Lynch for a discussion about impact investing, what it's like to be a woman in finance, and how to navigate networking and recruiting. 

SPEAKERS: Stephanie Smith Christiano (SVP, Sales Manager), Renu Rajankutty (Senior Financial Advisor), Jennifer Auerbach-Rodriquez (Director, Business Strategy & Initiatives Manager)

Afternoon Discussion (1:15pm-2:00pm) 

Cultivating healthY relationships

The difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships is something that all women -- especially college-aged women -- need to understand.  Join these women in a discussion on combating domestic abuse and sexual violence and promoting healthy, happy relationships.

SPEAKERS: Lubna Mian (Executive Director, Faculty Affairs at Penn), Seanna Bruno (Managing Director of Partnerships, One Love Foundation

Beauty and image

These innovative women are using their fashion and beauty expertise to make a big impact. Join in a conversation with leaders of the fashion and beauty industries as they discuss their career experiences.

SPEAKERS: Huda Quhshi (Founder, Le'Jemalik Studio), Breanna Moore (Fashion Designer, LaBré) 

Women in science and engineering

These women are using their STEM backgrounds in research, teaching, and business-related endeavors. Come hear how to be successful as a leader in science and engineering.

SPEAKERS: Bethany Edwards (Co-Founder & CEO, LIA Diagnostics), Katherine Freese (Professor of Physics, University of Michigan), Nicole Piasecki (Former VP of Propulsion, Boeing) 

creating change: Women entrepreneurs

These women are breaking down barriers by using their vision, creativity and entrepreneurship to develop new products and ideas . Come hear from remarkable CEOs and entrepreneurs.

SPEAKERS: Rachel Benyola (Founder & CEO, Anee London), Rosalyn McPherson (CEO, The Roz Group), Melissa Lee (Founder & CEO, The Green Program)

The power of storytelling

Learn from experts how to craft a message through various mediums -- whether film, art or written pieces -- and ensure that your voice is heard.

SPEAKERS: Kathleen Squires (Food and Travel Writer, Film Producer), Nancy Kruger Cohen (President and CCO, Mouth.com), Sabaah Folayan (Director & Filmmaker, "Whose Streets?")

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